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Monitor Losing Signal RX 480 When Gaming Randomly

Question asked by seraphixs on Jun 6, 2017
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Hi! a couple of months back while playing Modern warfare remastered, my PC froze and my monitor said no signal, Ctrl+Alt+Del did not work, the monitor is fine, i turned the monitor back on and it still said no signal, so i hard reset my pc, and it was fine until this and last week. Recently it has been happening alot, sometimes after 30 min of gaming or more usually 6h+ and all it does is freeze my pc, screen goes black and it says no signal, i hear the game/skype or discord in the background and the only way restart my pc is to press the power button once, i usually have to hold in the button or press the on/off button on the psu to get it to turn off, but its as easy as one tap to turn off. i´ve had my pc for a litle over 1 year and it just started happening, it never happens while not gaming. i´ve tried changing settings in game playing fullscreen windowed instead but it just keeps happening and it just happend again so im posting this, anyone knowing what the problem is please help.

More about : freeze signal sound background

I have restored my bios to optimized default, i have formatted my pc,

recently it restarted itself mid gaming.

i have tried reducing graphics. tried changing pcie slots for the gpu, i tried changing drivers, yes using ddu, i tried default optimization on mobo, i checked temps on sapphire trixx,hwmonitor And CAM, and it still crashes.

GPU:RX 480 Sapphire

CPU:I7 2600k



RAM:HyperX 1600Mhz 2 4GB Sticks

MONITOR:34" Class 21:9 UltraWide® QHD IPS Curved LED Monitor (34" Diagonal) LG 34UC88-B

I´d appreciate all the help i can get, it´s been an annoying couple of weeks, i can barely play, the crash is random sometimes 1 min could stretch to being able to play for hours.


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