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NieR:Automata White Screen with 17.5.2 on RX 570

Question asked by yuu on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2017 by ray_m


CPU Ryzen 1700

Mainboard ASUS ROG Crosshair VI

Graphics RX 570 Aorus

RAM DDR4-3200CL16 Trident Z RGB (currently running at 2400)

All run on stock, no overclock


And as i notice i can trigger the crash forcefully AFTER used an item when playing, if i play without using any item at all, it not crashing (at least for 1h+ playing, if i start and used an item right away when start it crash just a moment after that, tested many time so i can at least put my bet on this one)

The Driver 16.11.5 seem to work on most people, sadly it doesn't compatible with RX 500 series with is a huge problem for me, put 2 days tried every fix possible still not solved the problem.

Is there any way to temporary install the 16.11.5 Driver manually, cause RX 500 don't have that much different with RX 400, maybe it can have backward compatible with the old driver.