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    RX580 ASUS 8GB - FPS drops in all games!




      Hey all! I've been AMD/Radeon user for a while and have always been very fond of the performance. Recently It was time for an upgrade so i bought an RX580 8GB from ASUS and swapped it out with my old R9 290x from Sapphire.


      When i fully reinstalled my Windows 10,installed the newest drivers and some games i noticed that games had weird FPS drops about every 20 seconds. After a little Google-ing i tried the following fixes:

      • Reinstall windows 10, again.
      • Uninstall the drivers with the driver uninstall tool and install the newest drivers again.
      • Set the power limit to 50% in WattMan
      • Reinstall the games.
      • Put the games on my SSD and my HDD
      • Defrag/Trim and S.M.A.R.T. check my disks
      • Check for malware and virusses.
      • Memory test the RAM
      • Setting the FAN speed to 100% for the whole time.


      It did not fix the problem though.


      I run the following parts:

      • CPU: AMD FX-8350
      • GPU: RX580 8GB STRIX ASUS (driver version: 17.5.2 - No overclock was done by me!)
      • RAM: 8GB DDR3 memory 1866Mhz
      • PSU: 750W CoolerMaster
      • MOTHERBOARD: ASrock extreme4 970
      • Monitors: 2x Samsung Syncmaster 2333HD (1 connected using HDMI, 1 connected using DVI-D)


      I noticed that the GPU core clock drops when in games, even though the temperature is below 60 at all times for both the CPU and GPU. When the core clock drops, the FPS drops too. It does not matter what settings i have the games at, at Ultra or Ultra-low the same thing happens. Underneath is a picture of the core clock graph during a gaming session.


      Core clock


      Help me please!


      ---------------RADEON CCC SETTINGS---------------------

      --------------GLOBAL GAMING SETTINGS--------------------------------

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          Hi Ruben,


          Since I'm experiencing the same issue I read your problem thoroughly as well. Your troubleshooting gave me an idea, I didn't check the GPU core clock myself before. I googled it and found a reddit thread suggesting to use ClockBlocker to prevent this.


          I've installed the application myself and gave it a try but It didn't seem to help in my instance.


          Plus when I checked the numbers on my own card It seems the lags I'm experiencing doesn't seems to be related to core clock speed

          This is my short test with Dark Souls 3. That small section on the GPU clock and Memory clock section that have reductions are the time when I was Alt-tabbing. While the game was on full screen memory clock speeds seems fine but I was experiencing the lagging nevertheless.

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            GPU Tweak has been known to cause the core clock fluctuations, I would uninstall that and see if things improve.

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