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    Change primary display output?


      How do you change the primary display output for a GPU with Crimson?


      I know there must be some setting for this somewhere as I have one (primary) monitor hooked up to DVI and a TV hooked up to hdmi. This was set up properly so that the splash screen would display on the DVI monitor and things defaulted to it, and under the windows display options the DVI monitor was listed as #1. Then I disconnected my monitors and made some hardware changes (cpu cooler, nothing actually circuit related) and now the HDMI is the #1 monitor. I have tried changing the primary monitor in the windows settings but it doesn't actually change the primary monitor, just "uses it" as the primary so most things default to it, but the splash screen and some other things still default to the TV, and the monitor is still shown as display #2. I have looked in my bios but it I see no option to change the primary output, just the primary card.

      system is
      Dual R9 280X/7970 ghz in crossfire
      ASUS Maximus Hero IX mobo
      Windows pro 10 x64