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R9 390 Crashed During Gaming - Unstable Since

Question asked by bebofayez on Jun 6, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by goodplay

(gigabyte g1 R9 390) i was playing tomp raider, and it was lagging so much for the first time but the card was so quiet(not normal V-sync at 2k),then after an hour of gaming, the game stopped and fan noise arose like the card was burning. i turned the pc off, but after that if i turned it on , it logs in to windows but if i open a video or a game. the monitor goes to safe mode while Pc is still powered .

i tried it on the other OS win 10 with another driver and it didn't work .

i tried down clocking Gpu and memory but it didn't work.

Also it crashes in fedora and puts the monitor into a safe mode.

i tried HDMI - miniDisplay port- even DVi and another monitor .



MY specs:

      gigabyte g1 R9 390

     intel i7 4790k

     psu: corsair 750RM

     mobo: gigabyte  Z97 g1 sniper

     monitor: Dell 2515U

     ssd: samsun evo 500 GB


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