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Any way to use VGA input on the motherboard?

Question asked by magedom on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2017 by amdmatt

I have a monitor that relatively old, only VGA dsub slot on it. But no intention to change in near future.

The problem is my video adapter have no VGA slot, only HDMI, DVI-D, Display Port. Conventional DVI to VGA converters only support DVI-I. There is DisplayPort to VGA converters, but they are hassle to find and buy where I live.


The current situation is that I have my internal motherboard's Radeon 3000 active and monitor connected trough it. It works well, I can even play games like PCSX2, because I can choose video adapter to use in options, and I pick RX460. But for games that don't have options like this, like XCOM2, system uses default adapter, which is Radeon 3000, and that's no gaming device, so major lags.


I've googled that you can change primary video adapter in POWER menu of Radeon control panel, by mine have no such thing. (see the screenshot).


Are the any other way to make RX460 primary adapter without disabling Radeon 3000 altogether, so I can continue to use VGA port? Just when I change graphic priority in BIOS Radeon 3000 is gone completely.