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Request To Mmake Wattman An Optional Component Of Driver Install.

Question asked by preed on Jun 5, 2017
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First, I will ask that people here who want this, please add an comment.


Second, why I am asking this.


I have been working with PC's since 1995. So, I have worked with many problems over the years in regards to graphics cards and drivers.


I am not a fan of overclocking. I only used to do it on my 486 and early pentium chips. Through my years, I have never found it important to install graphics card utilities as normally the drivers are ready to go.


I recently got an RX 470 for my pc to give it a bit of a boost. I have never accepted the box to allow WattMan to be used in my OS. When I first installed the card, I would get an crash, I would reboot my pc and windows would tell me WattMan crashed and has reset the software to defaults.


I countered this by installing my Asus GPU utility and the crashes became less frequent.


Windows has now got the creative update and it doesn't like my Asus GPU utility. So I have had to uninstall it. Since then, my PC is doing a hard lock about 4 to 5 times a day.


I do lets plays for youtube and it really frustrating. As the errors occur during recording and editing. So when the card is in both idle and at full load.


I have tried many fixes on the internet to no avial. I have even tried rolling back as far to drivers where WattMan was not in the driver set. But Mass Effect Andromida (Which I am doing a lets play for) needs Crimsion Driver (Something like that) to run. And believe me, it runs badly on those drivers.


I am frustrated that I can not uninstall this utilitiy that I do not use and will not use. Most graphics cards you buy these days are preclocked. So adding this into the mix is just creating more problems for me. The last 6 to 8 years I have been an Nvidia user and I decided to go back to AMD as my board is AMD and so is my CPU. I never had these issues with those cards and my pc ran like a metronome.


I would like to get that confidence back in these my PC with I now no longer have. By making WattMan optional, I could use my card as manufacture intended,


Thank you for you time.


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