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[Help] Can't change my graphic resolution after AMD last graphic update

Question asked by namiriu on Jun 5, 2017
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I really needing help, i try lot of thing but nothings work .. I just updated my videocard drivers, AMD Radeon R9 200 Series, and since i've a lot of problem with my screen ... i can't change my resolution and the computer detect another screen but i've nothing else plug to my computer, only one screen..,Here's some screen of my problem :


JI try lot of thing, like uninstall all AMD driver with the "Uninstall setup" AMD give on the website and reinstall again driver using the auto detector tool for update driver ... Doesnt work ,

As you can screen on screen 3 and 4 my graphic settings on ARK : Survival Evolved game are all disappear, there's nothing ... The resolution tell me "Custom 1920x1080" but on the third screen you can see the game take only a little part of the screen and there is useless black screen all around.


I really need help, i hope some of you guys can help me