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Asus RX470 Random Signal Loss When Gaming

Question asked by inj3ct8r on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 17, 2017 by inj3ct8r

Hi people and admins. I really need a help for this common problem among rx 470 owners. You can see many people have this problem but unfortunately there wasn't any fix in all driver versions yet. I tested them all. Today I had one time signal loss in Tekken 7 and yesterday two times... It's totally random. For about a month I didn't had black screen after driver update to 17.5.2 so I thought the problem is got fixed till I played tekken 7 and black screen on second day of playing.... I cant figure out what causing graphic to crash. My psu is corsair 700watt and mobo asus h170 pro gaming...


After black screen pc reset wont back the signal i need completely power off then turn on my system..


I uninstalled all softwares include gpu tweak long times ago to make sure they are not the problem. Also radeon settings and wattman all are default. Is it safe to increase power limit of my card to see of that help? Or what you suggest I do? I am completely certain it isn't a driver issue. I cant even RMA my card because they test it and ran a game and say is fine because I dont know when signal loss occur, completely random. Maybe no issue after 100 hours of gaming. Maybe occur in 5 minutes of gaming...


Thanks a lot and I hope we can solve this issue once for all time.


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