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Relive not recording, files sizes are 1kb

Question asked by lidocaineus on Jun 5, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2017 by amdmatt

Relive used to be working for ever since it was released, and I could record fine, both locally, and to a file server. However a few weeks ago it simply stopped working; the toolbar would pop up and it would say recording started (and ended, when I stopped recording), but the resulting file would only be 1kb and wouldn't be playable.


- Can screenshot with Relive, but nothing else. Toggling record desktop doesn't allow for recording the desktop.

- Intel VT-d is disabled on the CPU (an i5-6500), though I find this kind of ridiculous that this is a problem.

- Windows Hyper-V isn't installed.

- There's plenty of space on the drive, and I even have it set to record locally right now to rule out any network issues to the file server.

- 16GB of RAM, with not even half used during normal gameplay.

- This machine is solely a gaming box, so it barely has anything installed on it that isn't related to that, so not a lot of weird drivers or applications. I've pretty much disabled and exited out of any applications anyway when troubleshooting.

- Uninstalled the drivers, then ran DDU in safe mode, then installed using 17.5.2 (manual, not automatic). Still doesn't work.

- This is an R9 390-based card (MSI), stock, with no overclocking.

- Monitor is an ultrawide (3440x1440) but the game resolution is 1440p; setting the OS to 1440p doesn't fix the issue.


Kind of lost as to what to do now; this looks like a clear driver issue. I'm not a big nvidia fan, but I'm ready to move on to a card that records without a hassle if this keeps up.