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Random PC Shut Down While Gaming In Crossfire?

Question asked by gwenwolf on Jun 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2017 by elstaci

Hi AMD Community!

                    I recently upgraded my old AMD FX-8350 Dino....sad to see her go but needed to know if AMD got the goods back on track. Any ways I have been experiencing random shut downs while gaming in Crossfire. I haven't  had it shut down like watching movies or youtube clips.. just in Crossfire games ) ( more so in Open GL games it just crashes even faster then in Dx games. These are my specifications. Any input would be most appreciated   and so many thank yous in advance......


NIGHTHAWK 117 ROSEWILL ATX Full Tower Gaming Computer Case )all fans properly installed(

MSI X370 SLI PLUS AM4 AMD X370 ATX Motherboard )updated BIOS will be checking again today(

AMD RYZEN 7 1700 8-Core 3.0 GHz (3.7 GHz Turbo) Socket AM4 65W YD1700BBAEBOX Desktop Processor )not overclocked/w stock cooler(

GeIL EVO X 16GB (2 x 8GB) 288-Pin DDR4 SDRAM DDR4 3200 (PC4 25600) Desktop Memory)2xsets-not overclocked(

Sapphire TRi X Video Card 11247-04-40G NITRO R9 FURY 4GB HBM)2x in Crossfire Mode(

LG Black 16X BD-R 2X BD-RE 16X DVD+R 5X DVD-RAM 12X BD-ROM 4MB Cache SATA Blu-ray Burner )plus a regular DVD burner/7200 rpm mechanical hard drive 1tb(

Rosewill Quark Series 1000W Full Modular Gaming Power Supply with LED Indicator, 80 Plus Platinum Certified 40 inch TV HDMI connected