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How To Control Which GPU Is Being Used In OverWatch? A8-7410 + R7 440M

Question asked by tatsu on Jun 4, 2017
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First of all i'd like to say i'm french so i do not have a perfect english and maybe you'll see some grammar mistakes.


Anyway i've got a laptop with a r7 440m gpu and my cpu is an amd a8 7410 with a r5 integrated card. I'm playing overwatch and i had some strange lags at the beginning of the game, but my driver wasnt updated (was the driver from august 2016), and i thought that i should update it since overwatch is a new game and it needed some patches to perform better. But at this time the game used my r7 card so it was ok.


But now that i updated my card with may patch, my game isnt using my r7 but my r5 instead. Performance is kinda ok but because its using my integrated card, my computer is burning ( like between 80/85 celsius so 180/185 fahrenheit) so i dont wanna let it heat this much, moreover my computer didnt go over 65/149 fahrenheit before my update.


Its kinda frustrating because i got a problem in the two cases.


If someone had a solution, would be great, thank you.


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