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Is my MSI RX480 broken?

Question asked by ahzriaz on Jun 4, 2017
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Unfortunately I'm having some issues with my MSI RX480 4GB Gaming X.


My card works fine under 60C. The fans are off and everything works.

When I start gaming the fan speed reaches 60% fan speed within minutes, and after a few more minutes reaches 90% or even 100% fan speed.


With this fan speed I'm still getting a GPU temp of 75C (open case) or 81+C (closed case).

When I stop the game the temperature drops. The fan keeps spinning for a while longer ( for example GPU temp 36C fan speed 55%).


So I have

100% load, 100% fan speed and 80C+.

Reviewers have 100% load, +-30%/35% fan speed and around 73C.


When I just got the card I had simular speeds and temperaturs.


  What I already tried:

- This is a very new windows 10 installation:

- Tried the most recent drivers with and without Radeon setting.

- Removed drivers with DDU and reinstalled.

- Updates motherboard BIOS.

- Tried with and without afterburner.

- High fan speeds CPU and case fans

- Repositioned my CPU fan


Any ideas or is it most likely the card is broken?