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    Cannot work with EGL/OpenGLES SDK in Windows and Linux



      I have a RX 480 GPU and a dual boot Windows 10 / Ubuntu 16.04 system.

      I cannot seem to make EGL library work even for the most simple cases (getting an EGLDisplay) as the executable crashes at eglGetDisplay() function.

      I tried getting an EGLDisplay with EGL_DEFAULT_DISPLAY or a display by first creating an EGLNativeDisplayType (hdc for windows, X11 Display for ubuntu)

      but all cases segfault.

      Is EGL not supported anymore? And why include libEGL.so in AMDGPU-PRO driver if it is unusable?

      The driver Windows: Crimson ReLive 17.1.1

      The driver for Ubuntu: AMDGPU-PRO 17.10