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Battlefield 1 AMD CrossFire Poor Performance/Tearing

Question asked by triple on Jun 5, 2017
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Since the release of the game, haven't a decent profile who gives good scaling for crossfire in BF1.






R9-290 tri-x CFX


win 10 creator update (game mode tested on or off)


Resolution : 5x1 eyefinity portrait mode (with mst 1.2 hub)

All drivers after 16.11.5 since RELIVE version of crimson, at the moment 17.5.2

third party controllers tested ON and OFF. (afterburner and HWinfo)

page file tested, renderaheadlimit tested

I tried everything, even with just 3 or 1 screen.

DX11 only , because dx12 don't work with cfx

powerlimit tested  to max or not in radeon settings

vsync ON, because since new drivers VSYNC OFF cause crash any game in CFX mode


Problems description : massive tearing, massive stutter sometimes (every 2 minutes)

Frequency cards not stable since crimson relive version (every time change between 700MHZ and 1000 MHZ)

BF4 and BF hardline works fine without any changes in radeon settings tab.


Can you please create a good profile for bf1 it will be cool ?


I try to revert to 16.11.5 the last one who have a good scaling (fix 2 cards to 1000 mhz in all games) but BF1 is crashing after few second of game .



Thank you


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