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    FX9590 - System Freezing Randomly At Idle


      Hello Forum,

      Since more than a year I am facing the  freezing issue with my AMD FX9590 where its freezes at random times, even when its idle. Always had an eye on the temperatures, that wasn't any issue.


      Below is my CPU Configuration:

      Processor: AMD FX9590 running at 4.70 GHz [Clocked at default settings (never overclocked)]

      Cooling Kit: Corsair H80i GT Hydro Series Liquid Cooler

      Motherboard: Asus M5A99FX Pro R2.0

      RAM: Corsair Vengeance Pro 16GB DDR3 @2400 MHz - [Clocked at 2133 MHz as motherboard supports upto 2133MHz]

      HDD: Seagate 2TB SSHD

      GPU: Asus RX480 ROG Strix 8GB GDDR5

      PCI Wifi: TPLINK 300Mbps Wireless N PCI Adapter TL-WN851ND

      PSU: Corsair CX600 Builder Series

      CPU Case: Corsair Carbide 200R

      Case Fans: Corsair 1x 140mm Air Series Airflow Fan

                          Corsair 1x 120mm Air Series Airflow Fan

                          Corsair 2x 120mm Stock Static Pressure Fans


      I checked every possible solution below, but this did not worked:

      1. Changing to default BIOS Settings, including RAM Frequency to Auto Mode
      2. Changing the CPU Features such as AMD Cool 'n' Quiet, Core C6 State, HPC Mode etc
      3. Enabling/Disabling the AMD Turbo Core Technology
      4. Dismounting/Mounting every single device from CPU to check whether some device is causing freezing problem
      5. Also checked the AI Overclocked Tuner to various setting, didn't worked.
      6. Checked whether my PSU is running out of power consumption, but seem to be 550w under high load with all the above devices connected.

      Every point mentioned did not worked for my PC.

      Please help me identify the problem, almost I had given up with this CPU.


      Let me know if any additional information is needed.


      Thanks in Advance!!!


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          Check to make sure your aio block is evenly tightened against the cpu. Make sure you thermal compound is applied properly before you reseat the block. Thin even coat. Reseat dimms and gpu as well.

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              All the thermal settings are excellent, and no issues with the GPU or CPU in terms of temperature.


              Temperatures at idle conditions:

              CPU: 38 - 42 degree celcius

              GPU: 29 - 36 degree celcius (GPU Fan off, auto settings by Asus GPUTweek)


              Temperatures at average load:

              CPU: 45 - 52 degree celcius

              GPU: 50 - 57 degree celcius (GPU Fan off, auto settings by Asus GPUTweek)


              Temperatures at heavy load:

              CPU: 56 - 62 degree celcius

              GPU: 61 - 70 degree celcius (GPU Fan on, auto settings by Asus GPUTweek)


              Thanks for the analysis

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                  Do you have the boost behavior enabled?

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                      Turbo Boost is in Auto Mode. I tried with Enabled mode as well as Manual mode, but the same behavior is observed. As rebelyell saying there must be a problem with the PSU I am using, a sudden spike of the load may freeze the system. Earlier I was using Asus Radeon HD6670 2GB DDR3 Graphics Card and the issue wasn't there. When I purchased the RX 480 8GB, it is using the 175w additional power already. The FX9590 is not having any cooling problems though, but I think the problem must be on the PSU, system must not be getting enough power source which is causing this problem. So a sudden spike of needing the power will freeze the System.


                      I am considering to have Corsair AX1200i or maybe Corsair HX1200i so it will be useful in another future PC as well. So this will be one time spend for the next 5-7 years. 1200w will be enough for a few years with all setup I can manage for the System.


                      Thanks theredmauler

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                  ok, i have a 9590 setup. 1st things first. do not turn on high power  compute omg no its for servers. and pulls huge power and makes heat bad.!!! 2nd if your running a h80 cooler on that you have to be way under volted. with 2400mhz ram pulling ******* that 22o watt cpu. i am thinking voltages may be not quite right bud. 9590 feeds on volts big time and if not there , crash freeze frame :O ..or your runing hot on the imc flash heat in a sense that will shut the cores down to 0mhz.. are you looking at package cpu heat or what. package heat is wrong..! keep an eye on the one jumping up and down rapidly.

                  the 9590 is an art to get just right.. mine also runs 2400mhz ram.

                  hmm where to begin lol... so what is your cpu voltage? and cpu nb voltage?????


                  also note: 300 watt gpu with 220 watt cpu =520 watts. 750watt psu is lowest recommended i ran 1300 watt psu. your psu may have been worked hard and getting weak in the knees seriously.. lets look at all these things. ok.


                  your power supply should never run more than 60-70% continously. and i know the 9590 runs 73-75 wattsx3 = close too 220 that just how it works. ok.. also there is a setting to allow your cpu to go over 220 watts. im trying to remember where or what its called but it needs turned off..


                  if your voltages on cpu are under 1.5 thats 1 issue. but i seriously think you need an 850 watt psu gold not less than 90-100 dollars . i think if ran before now with a 600 watt psu it dont its most likely the psu bro..!! not to mention water coolers use a good bit of juice also and everything else.. hope this helps..!

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                      I really doubt my current Power Supply. I'll evaluate the 850 Watts+ Power Supply and check whether things are working as expected. Current one is CX Builder Series, I'll try with the RM Series, maybe that will work better.


                      Another thing I am noticing is my Chasis Fans. Sometimes I see false information on its RPM, though they are new and no issues on their performance. The RPM of one of these fans hits about 65000+ RPM for a second and again goes down to normal. This is more frequent for my PC. I disconnected the culprit fan and tried again with another fan on the same socket, it again hits about 65000+ RPM. I think its the Motherboard Firmware problem or something. Finally, I just ignored its monitoring.


                      Thanks for the analysis, I feel that changing the PSU could fix the issue.

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                      i wanted to add couple things. even the gold series power supplies are only good up too 80% load they drop off when a spike power pull accures. i honestly think your trying too pull 120% of what that 600 watt psu can do. with that said your pulling more than 600 watts and ultimately you will have a pc running with power under what it needs which with your analysis of temps will ofcourse not be hot since it can barely run. ultimatley if you ask anyone with high watt gpu and a 9590 they will all tell you get atleast 1000 watt psu, and it will last along time. i have a rmcorsair in an old pc with an 8350, but the problem with the rm is they have to get real hot before the fan kicks on which intern heats the air inside your case, i do no recommend that one. on the other hand a a evga g2 1000+ has the fan evo option and runs 2 voltage rails for more balanced  power pulls. if you want that 9590 happy jump in and get a good psu since that is the heart of any reliable pc. good luck.

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                          Yes agree with the point.

                          I am figuring out the best PSU here in India and don't find the EVGA G2 1000W and its better support in India.

                          I do have an option to get Corsair here, but that too much costly here in India.


                          Two options I have:

                          Corsair AX1200i which costs here in India ₹28,149.00 which is $437.32

                          Corsair HX1200i which costs here about ₹27,499.00 which is $427.22



                          In USA, HX1200i costs around $229.99 and AX1200i costs around $349.99

                          I can get it from USA directly, as I have friends from my Work, and they can get if for me.


                          I agree with the point you mentioned:

                          "the problem with the rm is they have to get real hot before the fan kicks on which intern heats the air inside your case"

                          - My System will not face this problem as it has AirFlow Fans mounted inside, when my RX 480 was installed, I faced this problem of getting the CPU case hot while running hardcore games. But after installing the AirFlow Fans, the issue disappeared permanently.



                          I would go with the EVGA, but I don't have enough warranty support here in India, so will be bad idea as well to get that, as Corsair already claimed they have Global Warranty and its of 10 years for PSU, then I think will be good option for me.

                          They have Link app which can help me manage the PSU as well.


                          Do let me know your thoughts on this!


                          Thanks rebelyell

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                          just get the one that dont use a thermal to kick fan on and off. and you be ok..

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                            one of those should have the option switch to run fan all time with its own speed control. an evo will get real hot first.. real hot.

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                              absolutley not ... noooooooo.!

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                                do you still have that little h80 cooler on it? if so set cpu frequency too 4.5 and hope it cools it. your going to need 1.5437 volt on cpu and 1.53 on cpu/nb .. yup its alot.. keep eye on temp.

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                                  make sure you disable turbo mode..its going to hard enough to get that 9590 to not pull over 1.6v on a pull and stay cool with a decent clock speed. and stay under 59c

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                                    I have two PCs with 9590 on different motherboards with AMD GPUs. I must set the LLC setting in BIOS to HIGH or it will freeze when asking for more power. The other setting is to disable the C6 state on BIOS. with this changes I can run my PCs for days without problems.

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                                      yaknow i was just looking closer that mobo isnt qualified to push enough power to the bottom of the entire board.. i would need to look i wonder how many power pins in on that board. there was like 3 mobos for that cpu. and 1 of them being asus crosshair v formula-z .

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                                          I actually downgraded the 9590 to an 8370 on the V2 version of this board and it's been running smooth ever since.


                                          On paper,  his motherboard would support it; push close to or over 220 W and you'll have issues. You can compensate on this motherboard (LLC and more fine tuning with the various states - see kxuping response above), but you'll be limited if don't do any of this. The only boards I run the 9590 on is the Crosshair V Formula-Z, and the Tuf Sabertooth V2/3 board also from Asus.

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                                          ok when i did my research i seen guys with multi meters checking formula-z it said back then 180 technically but it will run 220w they just never expected to see a 220 watt cpu and underated  it. apperently since they raised that to 220w lol. so im thinking  your board may spike a up i little higher but not hold much more than 140. plus age drops things too..


                                          im betting your mobo may be an issue here.

                                          how many power pins does your board have on it 8 or 12 or? see the formula-z has 12 plus a hot 12v plug half way down to push few hundred more watts for gpus..solid board heh..

                                          so im thinking your cheapest and best route is honestly get a 8350 or 8320 or 8370. there all the same some just test better off the line. so they slap 8370 on it if its a good one. in the beginning  yuo could get 8320's all day long and clock over 5.0 but amd caught on and charged more, hence the 9590 was binned to 220 watt and cap put back on.  that is realy a gimmick. because you cant keep it cool clock it high in most cases. it can be a nightmare ... i think fx 8350' are like 129.99 $ these days maybe less. thats what i would do 8350. and be done with it.! thats cheaper than a board and a nightmare to stable that beast at same clock or lower. ya see..

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                                               Hi all, I am dealing right now with the same problem, I made the mistake to buy a FX9590 with a month before ryzen was launched.

                                            I have it on the mobo Asrock 970a-g/3.1 and a Noctua cooler NH-d14 , 32gb DDR3 2400mhz but underclocked to 1833mhz  also with RX480 with 750wats PSU.

                                            I kinda tamed the "beast" until now, i never overcloked it because it is getting very unstable and hot, I used it to a lot of 3D rendering that means going hours or days at 100% capacity. It freezed some times in the process but let's say maybe once at 2 months but now it started to freeze very often in idle. I checked the temperature are at 32-38 degree celcius in idle. I keep it on 1.437V at 4.7ghz with all the turboboost of and cool and quiet.

                                              My conclusion it is like this, since AMD they did not make a RYZEN cpu compatible with AM3+ on DDR3, Intel made it, I will just buy another mobo on DDR3 with LGA 1151 and sale AM3+mobo with the FX9590!