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    Prepar3d v4 says that R9 280 doesn't support DirectX 11, but it does


      Hey, all.


      I have a weird problem with the newly released Prepar3d V4, which is the first venture into being totally 64bit for Prepar3d.


      When using the latest stable driver released (5/17/17), I get the following from launching P3D:


      Invalid Hardware or Driver Detected

      Prepar3D was unable to initialize the rendering system and will shut down. Please make sure this system has a video card that supports DirectX 11 and that the drivers are up to date.


      The card I'm using is a Sapphire Dual-X Radeon R9 280, GDDR5, 3GB. According to AMD's own specs, Sapphire's specs, and GPU-Z, this card supports DirectX11 and DirectX 12. The rest of my setup:


      Gigabyte GA-Z77N-WIFI

      Intel Core i5 3570K (not overclocked)

      8GB DDR3 PC16000 Memory

      Windows 7 64bit

      Sapphire Dual-X Radeon R9 280, GDDR5 3GB

      OCZ 120GB SSD (OS)

      Samsung 850 EVO 500GB SSD (P3D)

      WD 500GB SATA HDD (non-simming applications)

      WD 2TB SATA6 HDD (storage)


      Reverting to the previous driver I had (Catalyst 14.12) caused P3D V4 to crash with the following:


      Problem signature:

      Problem Event Name: APPCRASH

      Application Name: Prepar3D.exe

      Application Version:

      Application Timestamp: 59279be2

      Fault Module Name: atidxx64.dll

      Fault Module Version:

      Fault Module Timestamp: 546e9ecc

      Exception Code: c0000005

      Exception Offset: 000000000059b3da

      OS Version: 6.1.7601.

      Locale ID: 1033

      Additional Information 1: ce0b

      Additional Information 2: ce0bfa972b4bffe98e6830e87165821a

      Additional Information 3: 3d4e

      Additional Information 4: 3d4e379af8047de47ec968f5a5aa0621


      When using the Catalyst driver with Prepar3d V2, it works fine, and Prepar3D V2 has the same DirectX requirement as Prepar3D V4.


      The P3D support team recommended that I report this to AMD and revert back to the Catalyst driver, but the Catalyst driver crashes the entire sim, while the latest driver gives the error above and exits normally. Again, this card is supposed to support DirectX 12, and V4 requires DirectX11, so this should support it. Any ideas as to what is happening?