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Recommend Me a New GPU To Use - Not A Gamer

Question asked by 8mile13 on Jun 4, 2017
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I bought a used pc:

Asrock B75 Pro3

intel core i5 3570

8GB Dual channel DDR3

Intel HD Graphics 2500

Sapphire AMD R9 290


Windows 10 pro was installed..blacked out sporadically, start up time was over 1 minute. I installed fresh Windows 10 Enterprise 64 on it. The graphics kept on crashing after a few minutes. In Safe Mode i rolled back to ATI Microsoft Basic Display driver (Sapphire was not installed yet) and everything seems to work fine now including 7 seconds or so start-up time.


It seems to me that the Intel and Sapphire stuff does not work to well with Windows 10 even when propper installed. I am not shure what to do next, try install Intel/ Sapphire graphics anyway or buy something else (MSI stuff looks interesting since they pay attention to reducing noise)? I am not a gamer, i just want some power for demanding internet stuff, VOB file stuff payback, being able to watch some Video_TS stream/Blu-ray quality with decent graphics,  without lots of noise.


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