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Help Configuring Switchable Graphics R7 M265

Question asked by dinsebi587 on Jun 4, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2018 by gurudeva

So here is the situation

I Have a laptop with Amd Radeon R7 265m graphics card and a integrated Amd Radeon R6 Graphics .... and my system uses as Primary The R6 Graphics one ....and R7 265m is "linked" which i dont realy understnd what it means.....

and i dont want that because the R7 265m Graphics card is more powereful and i dont seem to be able to change it to primary ....

My drivers all are up do date i have AMD Crimson Edition (latest one)

I changed all my power setting in AMD (additional settings) and control panel and nothing seems to change. As example i play Overwatch  and at all ultra low setting i barely get 40 FPS which is hell  while i see other people on youtube using the R7 265m for more demanding games with more FPS

Please give me some guidance i am realy lost and i dont know what to do...


Thank you!!


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