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Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns; ghostly hair; graphical issue RX 580 17.5.2

Question asked by artemist on Jun 3, 2017
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I hope there is something that can be done about this. Thank you in advance for the advises, anything can be helpful because for now I don't know what else can be done about this.





Radeon - 17.5.2


Radeon - Crimson ReLive


Radeon RX 580 Series - 8192 MB GDDR5; 1431 MHz


Windows - Windows 7 (Service Pack 1) (64 bit)


16 GB DDR3


Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4690 CPU @ 3.50GHz


Motherboard: B85-G43 Gaming (Msi)


PSU: Seasonic SSP-550RT F3 Gold A1



Since I bought new graphical card which is RX580 Im experiencing strange issue with LR. (On the side note it is my first time having radeon card; all my previous cards were nvidia - on which I never had this problem with this game.) For about a month I've been playing with driver settings in Radeon panel. Please take a look at the screenshots to see how the hair looks like. To make them I load the game 4 times on each game loading attempt the hair differ from each other. Strange thing is when Light is closer to the camera her hair becomes slightly better.



*I made the sreenshots while having LR profile being turned off in Crimson. When it is on, the bug just changes its color.



So far I performed PC format, installed all the drivers available for RX580 - starting from the oldest. I've changed some settings in the LR profile according to the handful threads I had found, mainly on the Steam. I turned off amd functions, to make the game choose the application settings. I turned off the LR profile in Crimson I also reset it copule of times.



I thought that maybe there is a problem with my card so I went to my friend who has RX480, and so we swapped the cards. We've put mine to his PC we tried to do the same things that I did already, but the reuslts were the same. We switched back to his RX480 and performed the same steps but this time we used 'multisampling'. The hair became normal for 2 loading attempts. Then it went back to 'ghostly mode'



Additonal info to mention:


Every npc in the game has the same issue with hair as Light has.

I do not experienced this problem with the first FF XIII

LR is the only game I am having trobule with.


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