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Computer Crashes Randomly When System Is Idle

Question asked by krueg314 on Jun 3, 2017
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My specs are attached as 1 and 2. I am having two problems. The main problem is that my computer randomly crashes. This is not due to heat because my computer temps are fine. What happens is that when my computer is idle or when I am just doing mundane tasks like surfing the web that my computer keeps running and my monitor turns black. When I look at the reliability errors I find out that I get a LiveKernalEvent problem (attached) where windows detects a hardware problem. The only way to fix the problem temporarily is to turn off and turn on the computer. I suspect this is a video card problem or my motherboard is creating a problem for my video card in the pci-e. I'm going to RMA my motherboard soon due to two dead usb 3.1 slotss, not sure if its related. I have tried using the powershell diagnostics are uninstalled Radeon with the DDU and reinstalled. I'm not sure if this did anything.


My other problem could be related. Possibly the drivers install incorrectly because after the install of Radeon and the updates you can restart your computer (for the charges to take place). It will not restart and Radeon always crashes so I have restart the computer manually (attached what happens). This occurs after update and installation. Any thoughts?


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