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    Firepro W8100 OpenCL Support In AMDGPU-Pro Driver


      I recently got a FirePro W8100, installed it in Linux, and installed amdgpu-pro 17.1 driver to get it working with OpenCL programs.

      However, there are two surprises:

      1. clinfo reports it is a OpenCL 1.2 device, not 2.0 device as advertised.

      2. For some programs dealing with integers that I wrote, it runs slower than Radeon HD7970 (using fglrx driver 15.3)  ...


      Any suggestion to get a) OpenCL 2.0 and b) run at least on par with HD 7970?


      Yo-Ming Hsieh


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          I think the AMDGPU-PRO linux driver only supports OpenCL 1.2, and for OpenCL 2.0, the Catalyst linux driver is needed.

          However, there have been messages about problems with the W8100 using some versions of the driver, so if you find problems, an older driver version might be better.

          (Also, I think AMD is moving toward their open source ROCm stack for OpenCL and HPC.  But ROCm currently requires a special Linux kernel.  Radeon's ROCm 1.5 OpenCL Support Is Working Out Better - Phoronix )

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