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Firepro W8100 OpenCL Support In AMDGPU-Pro Driver

Question asked by ymhsieh0226 on Jun 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 3, 2017 by gc9

I recently got a FirePro W8100, installed it in Linux, and installed amdgpu-pro 17.1 driver to get it working with OpenCL programs.

However, there are two surprises:

1. clinfo reports it is a OpenCL 1.2 device, not 2.0 device as advertised.

2. For some programs dealing with integers that I wrote, it runs slower than Radeon HD7970 (using fglrx driver 15.3)  ...


Any suggestion to get a) OpenCL 2.0 and b) run at least on par with HD 7970?


Yo-Ming Hsieh


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