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    ReLive records audio but video is just stills


      I installed ReLive today and tried to record myself playing Overwatch. The toolbar does not appear when I hit the hot key, but it does 'unbind' my mouse from overwatch if that makes sense. (I cant click any thing else in overwatch till I hit the hot key again).


      When I use the hot key to start and stop recording, it records and saves an mp4 but the video is just a series of stills in the background of my mouse cursor. Stills switch occasionally but always freeze. I recorded a couple games, trying to lower graphics settings in Overwatch and recording quality in ReLive and saw no improvement  (also tried recording Skyrim, same thing) and uploaded one of the shorter ones here: Overwatch ReLive recording attempt - YouTube


      I have a desktop with an AMD R9 390, Windows 10 64 bit, an i5-6600K and 16GB of RAM.


      My Radeon software version is 17.4.4

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          Same problem here, but I was able to record for about 8 minutes then the video just freezes.


          at 7:58
          Metro 2033 Redux | ReLive bug - YouTube

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            I'm having a similar issue where my audio is correct but my video is a slideshow and doesn't even show a lot of the frames. I have tried 17.4.2 and 17.5.2 I can't find anyway to fix it.

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                Same for me. Tried numerous options in terms of frame rate, quality, running ReLive as administrator, different HDD/SDDs to record to - nothing. I notice regardless of quality, even in full 1080p 60fps, video file size is always very small, has sound, but no motion in video. Fails both with desktop (recording browsing on youtube) and game capture.

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                I don't have any issue actually running Relive like the original poster does, i.e. I can get the Relive toolbar and operate it, etc.  And it does not affect any games or other software while recording.  But I DO have the issue you have described above with stills when recording video.  It records all audio perfectly but the video records in a series of stills, about once every 30 seconds or so.  No amount of settings changes will fix it.  Also installed at least 5 versions of Radeon Crimson and Relive to no avail.  It actually used to work perfectly and then stopped one day and started doing this.  I feel like it is a conflict with other software I used the day it broke (Cyberlink Powerdirector) but I haven't been able to prove or change that yet.


                W10-64bit, i7-6950x, Asus RVE10 MoBo, Sapphire Radeon 9 Fury (two), DisplayPort conns to two Dell U2515H 25" monitors, 1250W PSU (Corsair).


                As stated above, clean install of many different versions of Radeon Crimson, currently installed latest version 17.6.2.  All versions back to 17.4.2 have same issue, and all used to work (except latest one once the issue emerged).

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                  same here also freezes halfway and afte that i get a blank green screen. guess il switch to nvidea and OBS