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Device Code 43 In A Switchable Graphics System When Upgrading Drivers

Question asked by freezerain on Jun 2, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2017 by freezerain

HP Pavilion 15-ab128no

APU A10 8780p + R8 gpu

GPU R7 m360 2GB

DDR3 1600 16Gb



I have hard time upgrading my drivers from 16.12 to 17.4.4, my both GPU gived mi code 43 whole the time no matter what (all instals are clean exept "updating" one), so i installed back my manufactured 15.11 drivers and was wondering if it affect my FPS in games and soft. So im tested LoL and Elite Dangerous, LoL gived me near 60 fps like always and Elite 10 fps like always (1080p miminum settings). And everything was tested while GPU-Z making sensors test. Im noticed this:

1. My Dedicated m360 is not working, some times its activated and give spikes when some soft is cheking hardware

2. Setting Performance profile in CCC for exe, global, Windows Power Managment not affecting anything.

3. When running Gpu Monitor in CCC aplication use powersave mode regardless of settings, but sometimes its using performance mode but in GPU-Z sensors not showing anything and nothing happen with my FPS or etc

4. Activating Dual Graphics mode give aplication limited acces to Gpu, my m360 is working almost all the time on 300mhz and very rarely its raised to 1100 maximum of my GPU, still memory load and gpu load is in 0%, and i dont have memory usage info for this gpu

5. Elite didnt have my gpu in list in settings, so i tryed to go backwards and set everything in powersave mode, and this is not affect anything, and fps is solid same, im expecting atleast 10% difference in any direction, atleast something.

6. I have that issue on 15.1001 (not sure exactly, my manufacturer drivers), 15.11 beta, 16.9, 16.12.


I was reinstaling drivers using DDU and AMDcleaner all the time and there was a lot of code 43 situacion sometimes. Im using 16.12 chipset drivers. Windows 10 is up to date and Microsoft Updater is disabled in services, drivers not coming from them, but im checked this source also, microsoft instaling me drivers from 05.2015 without any code 43 ofcourse but gpu didnt switch either. Laptop is totaly new and i did a bucnh of diagnostics test from HP and built in windows like scandisk or sfc scannow.


I belive that is possible that gpu working but not showing in elite settings, or amd monitor show me powersave mode or GPU-Z cant hook up all that data from sensors. But i want to make sure a see atleast a bit of difference between using aplication under different GPU.

So im asking for help, advices, alternative gpu monitors or for the best a way to hard force aplication to run on m360. Also there are no bios settings for gpu and my bios is up to date. Thank you for reading!


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