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why do my graphics drivers crash when I install an update?

Question asked by droher on Jun 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by amdmatt

I've had a XFX R9270X graphics card since july of 2014  and it worked fine since I installed it. Never messed with the drivers up untill march of 2017 because it was telling me about the updates that I could perform for the drivers. So I finally decided to go ahead and install the driver updates. As the sistem didn't let me install the drivers directly from the app that was suggesting me to install them, I searched up tutorials on how to update my drivers manualy. I followed the steps and did end up downloading the correct drivers and strarting installation. But in the middle of the instalation, when (I suppose) all the graphical features are applied to the computer, my screen turns black and my computer crashes. I can't hear anything and nothing I try to do works. If I then try to turn of and on my computer it doesen't even load windowss and crashes before it can do so, leaving me in a black screen. After a couple reboots of my pc, the system recognises that there is an error and lets me run the system on security mode with internet features. At this point I thought that the problems had to be the driverss themselves, since the crash happened during their installation, so I looked up a tool that would let me erase the drivers from my pc and I started searching for the old drivers that I had before. But I could not remember which drivers I used to have. I tried downloading the drivers correspondant to my graphics card that were available at the time that I installed my card to the PC, but even after installing those, at the same point that the others crashed my computer, so did these. Now I'm running my PC with no drivers and unable to play any game. Please send help. Before the first crash my computer started showing me messages saying the following: display driver stopped responding and has recovered. This message started appearing after I tried joining a server in a certain game (RUST). After this my screen started flickering and crashed for a couple seconds, showing the message already stated.  This is what led me to installing the new drivers and eventually, to the full crash of the system.