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    R9 270 System Restarts After Reaching Windows Boot Screen




      I'm not totally sure this a driver issue but installing the drivers work as detonator, my issues is the following. Out of nowhere (as far as i know) one day when i turned on my PC and it was booting fine, i got to the windows logo and just before reaching desktop, my mouse lights started blinking and then the pc restarted, after i few tries of the same thing, i tried to troubleshoot so i disconnected the GPU and booted using the integrated graphic of the motherboard, the pc booted just fine, i connect the GPU again and the issues came back.


      So now i know is has to do with the GPU. i could boot to safe mode with the GPU connected so i did that and unistalled all the drivers and restarted, the PC booted fine and just to be sure i reinstalled the drivers to see what happen, and surely the issue came back, same thing. the PC boots, windows loads and before reaching desktop it freeze and restart. I think the drivers are causing the problem even tho it doesnt make sense. So if anyone have any idea of what i should do please share.


      My Specs are the following:

      Power Supply: CX500

      GPU: Randeon R9 270

      CPU: Phenom II 965  3.4Ghz

      Motherboard: GA-78LMT


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          What OS?

          If Win10...take the steps necessary to prevent/delay Microsoft automatically installing/changing graphics drivers > Windows 10 Forums

          Delete the contents of the C:/AMD folder.

          Reinstall the driver of your choice using a clean install....delete the old drivers then run DDU .

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              Hi again,


              I have windows 8.1, i tried what you said and it worked, i was able to install the drivers and boot normally. But anytime i had some load on the GPU (playing a game or even netflix) the screen start showing randoms lines or going blank and then coming back up, until one time when it crashed and when i tried to boot the same error came up, the pc boots and when i reach windows it reboots by itself. So i unistalled the drivers agaom and exactly as last time it booted again normally.


              I'm gonna try to run a stress test on it without drivers and see if it also crash, but do you have any other ideas?