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    I am seeking a replacement for my AMD Radeon HD 6850


      My factory fitted AMD Radeon HD 6850 card has failed and I am looking for a replacement grapics card that is compatible with my HPE Pavilion Phoenix h9-1020a HP hardware. 


      I have a factory standard h9-1020a system with a HP w2207h monitor.  IPISB-CH2 motherboard, Intel core i7 2600, PCI express 16 1.0 , 600 watt power supply.  The AMD card also utilises an auxilliary power supply.  The HP uses legacy BIOS.


      I am seeking a recommendation for a new graphics card that will work with this hp system.


      I understand imprtant features that may be needed are: PCIe 16 1.0 compatible, Legacy BIOS and auxillary power supply connector.


      Thank you.