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Another problem with War Thunder ground textures

Question asked by pasya95 on Jun 1, 2017
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I searched AMD forums for this problem and found problems that looks similar but nothing like mine, so I starting new discussion. 


Running the AMD RX460 (Sapphire 4 GB OC) in the game of War Thunder at the aviation gameplay, the textures show straight lines and arc (on the sides) black stripes. The video and screenshots will be attached. Although I did not find anything like this in the tanks / ground forces gameplay that means it is problem have difference with ground texture flickering in War Thunder with RX480 and Crimson drivers .


There is video and some screenshots from the moment (2017 01.01) when problem was noticed:

2017 01 01 02 53 - YouTube

shot 2017.01.01 01.43.35.jpgshot 2017.01.01 21.02.10.jpg

Also I found same problem for War Thunder players who use RX 460 (mostly) and R7 250 video cards. There is a links to posts with this problem on War Thunder forum:

So at the screenshots from the forum you can see how this black stripes looks for now. On the third link need to pay attention that person said somthing like: I will return to 16.7 ver (about crimson driver) and everything works without problems, Its might be the point after that something go wrong and the problem has appeared. In support of this need to say: when I'm back to the BETA drivers of my RX 460 and its solved the problem. There is screenshots from crimson and game after that experience: — free image hosting / image upload  - Crimson — free image hosting / image upload  - Game


We have a problem, one side only with the game of War Thunder, that other games like Grand Theft Auto V, Fallout 4 works pretty fine, and other side only with the AMD and specifically with the RX 460 and closest video cards. And now we can say that both sides are notified of the unsolved problem.

Sorry if some mistakes in text.

I glad to answer on any of your questions.

Hope its looks fine.