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ASUS dual RX480 a dud, unsure where to go from here.

Question asked by clouatreb on May 31, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by black_zion

parently the ASUS Dual RX480 8g cards are notorious for shutting down if they get anywhere near 65c. I recently built my new setup and immediately the RX480 started to crash with black/green/yellow screen with an extremely loud buzzing sound similar to this video and this thread   I used DDU and tried every combination of driver, windows install, underclocking, undervolting, overpowering, cooling etc and nothing would stop it from crashing. It's pretty obvious at this point it's a ASUS card problem so I am returning it.   I don't know if I should pick up another RX480 (which one won't have this issue) or if I should get the safe 1060 6g. What's my best option here?  Rest of the system is   i7-6700k MSI z270a-pro 16g DDR4 was using a XFX 550w but just ordered a Seasonic modular 550 to replace it  Thoughts?


The cost of 480s has risen astronomically since I ordered mine because of miners, I'm not sure I can afford another 480 even with a full refund.