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    RX 480 and RX 470 AMD CrossFire Support


      Hey everyone,


      I am currently running 2 video cards, one is an MSI RX 480, the other is an MSI RX 470.  When I first got my second card, I had some issues getting the crossfire option to appear in the display settings, but eventually got it to work.  However, my SSD died the other day and I am starting from scratch.  I installed the newest drivers, and now not only is the crossfire option not appearing, but when I click on the system tab it has the 480 marked as primary and the 470 marked as "disabled".


      A couple things I have tried:

      Ran DDU and reinstalled the drivers, twice.

      Pulled out the 470, left the 480 in, reinstalled drivers, put the 470 back in, still disabled.


      Should I try to find older drivers to see if that works?


      Thanks in advance for the help!


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        • Re: Second video card showing disabled

          I just realized I did not provide all the information about my system.


          Graphics cards:

          MSI RX 470

          MSI RX 480




          Windows 10 64Bit


          Display Devices:

          2x Acer R240H7



          MSI b150 Gaming M3



          Intel Core i5 6500



          Cooler Master Extreme Power Plus 700w




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            To use CrossFire, you need to use GPUs from the same model, ie 2x RX 480.


            We don't validate CrossFire configurations using different models, ie RX 480 with an RX 470, so this is the reason why it doesn't work.

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                Hey Matt, thanks for the reply.


                The two cards do crossfire together, as I have had it set up before, and I fixed the problem this time as well.   Since they are the same family chip, it will work.


                I did some more research on the cards and found the answer.  I found someone stating that the cards need be in a pcie slot at at least 8x.  I ran GPU-z and found that my primary was running at x16 and my secondary running at x2.  This led me to believe that it was an issue with my motherboard, which may have been messed up somehow due to the power outages.  I tried pulling out the primary card, the 480, and saw that the second was still running at x2 when it was by itself.  I swapped the secondary, the 470, to the first card slot, and left the 480 out.  When I put that card in the primary slot, I did not swap the power out, I just left the same ones in.  I had no display with that card in the primary cards slot with the same power connectors.  I swapped the power connectors with the ones that were originally on my 480, and had a display, and the card (470) ran at 16x.


                I gathered that it was either a bios issue, or a power supply issue, or a combination of the two.  Although I had a 700w power supply, which was more than sufficient to run my system (I used multiple calculators and was told that my system was pulling about 450w) the second card seemed to be not getting enough power.   This was strange because this exact same setup was working fine a week ago.    I also want to mention that the PSU I was using was not modular, and I did not have enough 8 pin connecters to power my second card, so I used an adapter to convert some other connectors to an 8 pin which was the connector that did not work... Not sure if there is any correlation between that and the second card not getting enough power.


                I planned to update my bios and swap my PSU.  I flashed my bios first, and my motherboard died completely.  Long story short, my fix to this problem was buying a new motherboard and power supply.  I don't know if the bios was messed up somehow, or the power supply got damaged, but it was one of the two because everything is working fine again.  The 480 and the 470 are crossfiring just fine.


                Oh and I found the answer to my original question as well, as to why the card was showing up as disabled, from a post you wrote to someone earlier.  One card will show disabled if it is not crossfiring, and there is no monitor plugged into it.  It is working fine, but just not being used.


                Thanks for your help.