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    Relive not working in Doom with OpenGL/Vulkan RX480


      I can't seem to be able to use my GPU to encode video, there seems to be no option to use the GPU... I don't see any option to enable the gpu in handbrake, Anything related to using the GPU for hardware encoding with the RX480 it just not working. I`m using Handbrake 1.0.7


      I got a second issue of not being able to Record using Relive on Doom not even on OpenGL.. nothing happends when i click the shortcut to start recording and i seen other people videos in youtube and they seem to be able to use relive with Doom, but nothing i do works.


      I'm trying to record some Deathmatch rounds, so i had to use bandicam to record because relive just refuses to work on Doom... but in Bandicam there is no option to enable HEVC or AMD App. Starting to think this is an issue with the RX480 itself.




      Win7 x64 SP1

      Crimson Relive 17.5.2

      Core i5 6500

      XFX Refference RX480 8GB

      8GB DDR4 2133

      Speler HDTV 21" on HDMI1


      Maybe the issue is HDMI or something related to me using a TV instead of a monitor?

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          Handbrake currently doesn't support hardware encoding except for Intel Quicksync if you have a newer i5 or i7 (Skylake and up).


          All you can do is enable OpenCL lookahead in H264 encodes by adding the command opencl=1 but it's almost pointless as it only gives you about 2% more speed while forcing GPU clocks to 100%


          To use hardware you need a different application that supports AMD VCE.


          As for ReLive with Doom I believe they fixed that a few driver versions back (at least for Vulkan)

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            There is already some encoding softwares which can do VCE encoding, Handbrake dont support it. Take Staxrip which has a good implementation of VCE done by Rigaya(VCEenc developer).


            Just take in mind than VCE H264 is low quality, at best case would compare to x264 veryfast or superfast in low bitrates. If you use high bitrate values then quality would be good. For low bitrate compression x264 medium preset is a better option.


            Since you have Intel Skylake CPU i would recommend to enable your iGPU which support Quicksync and has more advanced features than VCE for encoding. StaxRip support all of them VCE,Quicksync,NVENC.

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