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2 x Firepro W8100   S400 Eyefinity didn't work

Question asked by ryanblues on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2017 by fsadough

Hi, guys,


Currently, I met a very difficult issue that I can't use 2 firepro W8100 and S400 to create a Single Large Surface over 5 3860x2160 displays.

The topology is as attached.

My running environment is described below:

Workstation: Dell Precision 7910, CPU 2x Xeon E5-2603V3, RAM: 64GB, 256GB SSD + 1TB SATA, Win8.1 64bit

Graphic Card: AMD Firepro W8100 (S/N 181714006166 P/N 102C6750201000001) @PCIex16 slot3

                        AMD Firepro W8100 (S/N 181714006158 P/N 102C6750201000001)@PCIex16 slot4

Synchronized Module: AMD Firepro S400 (S/N 181604157557 P/N 102B8040110000001)

Driver Version: 15.201B42-151123a-296656E-mGPU_SLS

Active Apaters: 5x Bizlink DP-Dualink DVI Part No. KS10008-131

Video Walls: 45 x GQY 70' 16:9 DNP LCD, 15x3 layout, resolution each DNP: 1920x1080, Video input: SL-DVI.

Display Wall Precessor: FPGA Display Wall Precessor: 5 x video input DL-DVI up to 3840x2160@30Hz, 45 video output SL-DVI.

The end result to be configured: create a single large surface over 5 4k displays (5x1 layout), considering the limit of the Max. resolution of windows 8, then create a SLS over 5 2800x1575 displays.


Question 1: Which Driver should I choose? Is there customized driver for dual graphic cards?

Firstly, I choose Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Driver 17.Q2, after installation, it seems that the S400 module didn't work, becuase the Eyefinity of Firepro Control can only detect 3 displays. Then I change to 15.201B42-151123a-296656E-mGPU_SLS, but it seems that it can set 5 4k displays.


Question 2: How does the display enuermate over 5 displays?

I guess the display number starts from lower PCIe slot and Higher Position of the baseplate of the graphic card.


Question 3: Why Eyefinity are very unstable?

I'm not sure if it is subject to the heat dissipation of the graphic cards. Because in T7910 chassis, 2 firepro W8100 cards have tigher space with each other due to the PCIe slot layout. It is very hot when I touch on the baseplate. So sometimes, Eyefinity can form one SLS while sometimes it can't.


Question 4: How to run EDID simulation?

EDID file is attached.

After I noted there may be system limit in Windows 8.1, I tried to set each display in 2800x1575. Firsly, I set each screen as 2560x1440, and use the EDID file got from EDID simulation. After I modify the Detailed Timings through edid editor, the following parameters were altered: Pixel Clock, H Active Pixel, V Active Pixel, H Blank=160, V Blank=10 remain unchanged. Considering the refresh rate is 30Hz, I calculated new Pixel Clock = (H Active Pixel + H Blank)*(V Active Pixel + V Blank)* refresh rate/1000000, with H active Pixel= 2800, V active Pixel=1575, Pixel Clock= 128.76. After I applied new EDID file, only 2 DPs@PCIe Slot4 took into effect, while 3 DPs@PCIe slot3 didn't changed. So which part should use EDID file? the displays( in this case, I guess it should be the Display Wall processor.) or the active adapters?