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    RX 550 Compatibility Issue - BSOD - Foxconn A7GM-S


      The PC works just fine without it, but once I plug it in I get the "thread exception not handled" blue screen error and can't proceed. I can't even enter safe mode yo update the drivers needed to make the error go away. I trad removing the card and installing the latest drivers but it stops installation when it searches for the GPU. It won't finish installing. Does anyone know of a workaround? I know it's a new card, but i don't want to have to send it back and get a different one. This is a single slot design which I wanted so I don't cover up one of the other slots. (It's the Foxconn A7GM-S mobo which is crowded by the GPU slot.) The card seems to work because I'm running the HDMI cable from it to my monitor and can see fine, but then I get the blue screen.


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