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    Cannot Run Hyper-V Over 8 minutes Ryzen 1600x


      CPU: Ryzen 5 1600x

      Mainboard: MSI B350 Tomahawk

      Ram: Geil Forza 16GB(8x2) (GFR416GB3200C16DC)

      VGA: Zotac Gtx 1060 6G Amp Edition

      HDD: Western Blue 1 tb

      PSU: silverstone 700w



      I cannot run Virtualmachine with Hyper-V over 8 minutes , it's make my LED Monitor shut off turn into standby mode , afterthat I cannot do anything , I have to force hard shutdown



      I tried increase DRAM voltage from 1.344V(default) to 1.36V , it's look fine for 4 hours and then it's happen again


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          Try adjusting your power plan to not turn off your monitor and see if that stops it happening, if it does, you may need to troubleshoot a power saving issue. Don't forget to turn off power saving in your VM.

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            Similar problem. I have Ryzen 1800. Running stable for weeks windows 10 x64 pro. I have another windows 10 x64 running in as VM in Hyper-V for weeks as well - no problem. As soon as I have start 32bit machine with Windows 8.1 32bit - I have a random CPU freeze. Only HW reset can get me out. I have connected PS2 Keyboard - it does not respond after the freeze (leds do not respond to CAPS LOCK presses). Tried create a crash dump using CTRL+TWICE SCROLL LOCK (after enabling it) - nothing happens. From tens of times I got this freeze, only once my computer was able to reboot into firmware startup screen after several seconds and guess what? It hung up there.


            I have Asus motherboard with B350 chipset.


            The problem happens after random time. Sometimes the system hangs after 10 minutes or even less, sometimes after few hours.


            Just wanted to add that in case you suspect a general stability issues with the system - it is not the case. I have run my system under different loads not related to virtualization for hours without any problem. Had scanned my memory several times with memtest and similar tools - also no problem. CPU temperature stays under 60 degrees even after sustained load.The system hang does not look like a problem that comes from software. It looks like a hardware problem caused by virtualization

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              I have the same problem!

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                Did you find a solution to this problem, just about to do some testing on a Ryzen Build we have - 1700 with ASUS B350 Prime

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                    I'd love to see your results; until the most recent round of BIOS updates, this issue wasn't resolved.


                    However, a day ago I installed the newest BIOS on my Gigabyte B350 motherboard (F20c, which is largely the same as 3803 on your board), and magically my VME problem is seemingly gone.  My x86 VM has been running for 5 hours running various scripts to make the VM actually do something (which previously would crash my VM quickly).  I am guessing the problem was resolved in the AGESA update, but it's possible Gigabyte pulled some magic to fix this (unlikely).


                    Random note: While my VM works in its current state (1 vCPU), it does NOT work if I use 2 vCPUs.  This might be an issue with my setup specifically, or maybe even my specific VM, but I'd love to hear your results.


                    For completeness: Gigabyte B350 board w/F20c BIOS, 2x8GB LPX sticks running 3066, MSI 1070, NVMe drive + 4x SATA drives. Ryzen balanced power profile, AMD 17.40 chipset drivers, and Samsung 2.3 NVMe driver.

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                      Havn't had much time to put towards this, however previously (Dec 2017?) I couldn't boot a VM. Now I can boot a VM (Latest Windows 10 Build + Latest Bios for MB / Feb 2018) - haven't tested how long it will work for yet.

                      I booted with 2 vCPUs, and 1500MB RAM.
                      (1700 with ASUS B350 Prime Plus)

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                          That's excellent news!  I haven't tried F21 or F22 for my Gigabyte B350 board (I am on F20, which was February for me, but would have been January for you), but I am stuck with 1 vCPU still.  Are you running 3803 or 3805 BIOS?  If the latter, that coincides with my F22, so it gives me a reason to update.


                          I look forward to hearing your results.

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                              Bios is PRIME-B350-PLUS-ASUS-3803 (Released Feb 02).
                              Sorry isn't the latest anymore, but isn't in Beta (3805 is currently beta on Asus site).


                              Ill likely complete the install next week and do some basic installs then see if its stable, have a few to many deadlines to hit just now, but will post how it goes.

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                                  Darn.  If you're stable, that means that it's Gigabyte's implementation that is the issue, not the AMD provided portion of BIOS.  Well, I look forward to your testing.  I'll update to F22 (which is your beta BIOS) and see if anything is fixed. (Edit: Just noticed I am using F20c (Feb. 1) ... which I just realized was removed, and replaced with F20 (Feb. 6) ... that might've also resolved my VME issue; not sure).


                                  Very much appreciate the followup; I might change chip/board when the new CPUs come out, so it will be good to know if Asus has their crap together.


                                  Edit: Installed F22 (skipped F21); stable regardless of vCPU configuration (tried 2 vCU and 4 vCPU) for about an hour of working the VM (archiving random files, and running an Excel VB script that opens and closes AutoCAD a bunch of times while opening various files); I'll run something large overnight tonight, but I'm reasonably sure it's fixed.  Going to do some general system testing to be sure I'm outright stable in general.


                                  Looks like either F21 or F22 fixes the VME bug for Gigabyte B350 boards; huzzah.  Just need to sort out my memory with this new BIOS and I'm off to the races!


                                  F22 does curiously seem to break CPU-Z though; sits at "Storage" in perpetuity (other CPU-Z style programs work properly, so hopefully not an indication of storage issues).