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    RX580 Black Screen On Second 4K HDMI Display While Gaming 17.5.1


      RX 580 Pulse 8GB

      Windows 10 64bits Desktop

      Crimson Drivers actually 17.5.1 but I have used all drivers updated since the RX lauch,

      2 screen: Philips (i dont know model 1080p@60hz) connected with hdmi1.4 cable and TV LGUH661 4K HDR 60hz with HDMI 2.0a cable

      MB: Asrock 970 Extreme 3+

      FX 8320

      Nox Hummer 750W 80 Gold


      I'm having issues while playing any game. When I play in the PC screen (1080@60hz) I have no problems, but when I play on my TV (at any resolution or refresh rate) suddenly the screen gets black, I can ear the game, or the gamepad rumble but the screen gets black, then the image returns for 2 seconds and again goes black. This happens 3 o 4 times, the last time the image gets black I can see some artifacts for 1 second, then the PC freezes and I have to reboot with the power button. The are no temperature problems, I have the CPU in 60-65ºC and the GPU in 69/73ºC.


      I always install drivers with the display driver uninstaller, also I have tried with 3 HDMI 2.0a cables and the power supply is new. Formely I had a Nox NX 620W with no certification and I tought that was the problem, so I  bought a new NOX Hummer 750W 80 Golg but the issue perssists.


      May I have to use the RMA or there is a solution?




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