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NEWER AMD Drivers Cause My Laptop (G510) To Freeze

Question asked by rns on May 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2017 by goodplay

I have a Lenovo G510. One week ago, I installed the newest AMD driver, kept the Intel driver I got from Windows Update, and everything was working. But a while later, "Update and Shut Down" happened and I had to reformat my PC. I wanted to try Windows 7, but kept getting blue screen for "atikmpag.sys". I reformatted my PC back to Windows 10, but the same combination (Intel Windows Update Drivers, Latest AMD Driver) simply causes my PC to freeze during installation. Same thing happens with updated Intel driver as well.


The TERRIBLY outdated 2015 Windows 7 AMD driver I got from Lenovo's website is working almost perfectly. The only problem I have with it is some visual glitches on some HTML5 websites, but I have tried Overwatch and Fallout 3, both of which runs just fine. I did also check the AMD GPU's temperature using GPU-Z while playing those games, and it does really rise during gameplay, so it is definetely the AMD GPU that's rendering those games, and not the Intel one.


More details:

  • The Windows 10 AMD Driver on Lenovo's website seems to not work. The same thing also goes for Windows 10 Intel graphics drivers downloaded from Lenovo's website. Though I am not 100% sure about this as I haven't tried those ones as many times as I did the latest AMD driver. However, both (AMD and Intel) Windows 7 drivers downloaded from Lenovo's website works just fine.
  • I did update my BIOS with the latest BIOS update provided for G510.
  • The old AMD driver works the same way (Perfect on games, visual issues on HTML5 pages) with both outdated Win7 Intel HD, and up-to-date Win10 Intel HD. Latest AMD drivers don't work on either.
  • I have also tried to install the latest Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 AMD drivers, but both seem to cause the same problem.
  • If I wait a few minutes after the freezing occurs and restart my PC, it freezes during the loading screen. (That screen where there is no Windows logo but there are a few rotating dots.) It doesn't turn into a black screen, but it stays frozen like that.
  • To get my computer to work after every faulty installation, I disabled the AMD GPU from BIOS every time and used DDU to uninstall both AMD and Intel drivers.


The biggest reason why I want to update my GPU driver is for the Vulkan support. So, if there is a way I can run Vulkan API on Catalyst drivers, that'd be nice too.