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    BSOD atikdag.sys On All Drivers - A10 7860K


      Hello everyone,


      While i play videogames, i got  this bluescreen:


      New Bitmap Image.jpg


      i tried:

      Install a new and clean version of the OS (actually W10)

      Run DDU and download the last version of Crimson relive (actually 17.4.4)

      I download the last version of the BIOS

      I openend my computer and cleaned up all the dust

      Change the memories of their slots

      Also i tried to install an old version of the drivers (Catalyst 15.7)



      Pc Specs:


      Amd A10 7860K

      Corsair vengeance 2133 mhz 2x4GB

      Gygabite  f2a88xm-d3hp

      WD Caviar BLue 1TB

      PSU Sentey 650W BXP65



      Please i need help, ill try everything i found on the internet  and nothing seems to fix it. The problem occurs when im playing videogame (mostly League of legends) and i dont know what to do





      Ps: im not a native english spoken, so i so sorry if i express myself wrong


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