R9 270 displays artifacts

Discussion created by tomkusi1 on May 29, 2017
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Hi guys

At my start, the graphics card after a solid warm up in a closed box when I rebooted the rocket league (I made a pause in the game) suddenly scraped and jumped out as well remember or reset, or blue screen like (you have the picture) After that I had a problem to do a reset so "raping" the enable button somehow managed to reset it. After a reset while loading windows, the artifact jumped out (also in the picture). Already somehow after switching on the system the card behaves correctly (but only because it does not work with full timings). After installing the rudders when the card is forced to "heavier" work, I RESIGNED various strange strips, etc. on the screen (also in the picture) .I am definitely not a mobas blame, because the gtx 650 everything works 100% correct and is hooked Same cable to the same monitor with the same power supply.

IMG_20170513_202612.jpg - Google Drive

IMG_20170513_202135.jpg - Google Drive

IMG_20170513_222942.jpg - Google Drive


What can I do now? Is this a fault with the driver or the card itself? I have a producer warranty on it.