Game Stuttering and FPS Drops - R9 380 17.5.2

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Hi AMD community, I've had this stuttering and hanging issue for a few months, probably around the 17.2.1 release. I'm on the latest driver (17.5.2) but like I said this has been happening for a while, and my games are unplayable because of this. I have an R9 380 and I've heard that AMD has "abandoned" this card and that my FreeSync monitor could also be a part of this issue, but even with it turned off the hangs and stutters happen. My full specs are listed below.



GPU: R9 380 4GB

OS: W10 64 bit
RAM: 8GB @ 1866mhz

Storage: 2TB HDD


In most games I've tried (I will list at bottom) I get hangs and stutters every couple seconds. The game pauses and stutters and makes it literally unplayable. The FPS itself is fine, but it hangs, if that makes sense.


Some games work fine (Outlast 2, Everspace, Xenoverse 2, League of Legends, Skyrim, SOMA)

But other games (Strafe, DOOM, CS:GO, Alien Swarm: Reactive Drop) and pretty much every other game in my library has this stutter or hang issue.


I tried to be as extensive with my list of games and specs, but if further information is required I am more than willing to provide.


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