FX-9590 UV + RX 480 OCed

Discussion created by benman2785 on May 29, 2017
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Hi, just want to let you know that if you still have an old Bulldozer or Piledriver and a capable MoBo (and like me wait for Vega to build a new PC) you can try to get a FX-9590 for cheap and to reduce heat undervolt it a little


FX-9590 + RX480 or RX580 will do it for at least one year from now - so maybe u can wait to Ryzen+


i have a Gigabyte 990FX-Gaming (good Audio) and use LLC "low" & CPU @1.4V
my Sapphire RX480 8G Nitro+ OC runs at GPU 1375MHz & RAM 2075MHz


(i could set State 6 & 7 to 1375 and 5 to 1340 - but this way it trys to calibrate the max-load better)


Here my Temps and Voltage:

note: Voltage-ReadError from HWMonitor on GPU xD


my max Temps today was 55°C CPU and 73°C GPU - have in mind we have an "early summer" today in Germany with 30°C room temperature