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    HD8850 300Mhz lock





      in my dell laptop (Inspiron 15R 5537[ i7-4500U with 4400 intel gpu +  Radeon HD8850 ]) i have a issue with radeon drivers (both , crimson and catalyst). I tried various versions of drivers and still there is a problem with underclock GPU.  I tried a lot of repairs but did not help. Gpu clock is maximum 300 Mhz after all. I think the problem is in the intel driver PCI bus.


      Please give me some thoughts.


      Thank you.

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            There is required info:


            AMD Graphics Card: AMD Radeon HD 8850M 2GB

            Laptop System: Dell Inspiron 15R 5537

            Operating System:  Windows 10 64bit (1703)

            Driver version installed: AMD Catalyst 15.7

            Display Device: 15.6 Full HD — 1920 x 1080 @60Hz

            Motherboard: DELL Inspiron 15R 5537 Motherboard i7-4500U 3.0GHz CPU CD6V3 LA-9982P

            CPU: intel i7-4500U

            RAM: 8GB DDR3 SODIMM 1600Mhz

            My issue:

            When using high-performance applications(or game, no matter what app it is, result is same) that is set in the catalyst control panel,
            there is a problem with very weak performance. I checked it with the MSI afterburner and frequency is only 300 Mhz
            instead of ~ 725 MHz. The  laptops fan does not turn on and the graphics card temperature is ~ 46 ° C.
            The locked frequency is 300 Mhz throughout the runtime.
            I tried reinstalling the drivers for an older version (from dell support Video_Driver_6YKW1_WN32_15.201.1101_A01).
            Occasionally it worked properly, and the apps and games were doing great until the computer was restarted.

            I suspect that the problem might be in the driver for
            Intel Management Engine Interface Driver (I have installed Chipset_Driver_KV645_WN_9.5.24.1790_A02)
            or Intel Chipset Driver (Chipset_Driver_FTHX8_WN_9.4.0.1026_A00). Both are from dell support page for my laptop.

            I tried a clean installation with the updates turned off and it did not help.

            Thank you for the advice.