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    Constant errors with RAIDXpert2 on clean drives


      I have the following set up:

      InWin 509 case

      Ryzen 1800X CPU + MSI X370 Titanium + G.Skills F4 32GB (2 x 16GB) DDR4

      2 x Samsung 960 PRO M.2 512MB

      6 x Seagate 4TB ST4000DM005-SDP166 (Brand new, all fully chkdsk /r valid zero bad sectors)

      Windows 10 Pro 64bit


      The system is running as expected, I have installed the correct driver for the RAIDXpert2 GUI

      Start the system in AHCI mode to validate HDD

      In Disc Manager Full format of all 6 drives - complete

      Open 6 x CMD screens with admin privileges

      Run 6 x CHKDSK /r comcurrently on the 6 SATA HDD's

      All discs have exactly same number of sectors and none are in error

      Restart the system in RAID mode

      Open RAIDXpert2 Web GUI


      Create Array, select all 6 error free discs, Select RAID10 option, start RAID create

      After about 30 minutes or so Medium errors start to appear against various disk blocks

      Things get worse until Disc goes offline

      Eventually 4 of the 6 discs go offline and the CREATE FAILS (after about 12.6% completion)

      I deleted the Array and Create a RAID 1 array over the six discs

      Things go further along but after about 20+% the CREATE FAILs due to at least 4 of the discs (not the same 4 as in the RAID10 config) show more showing more block errors than can be handled



      Can anyone explain why this might be

      I can believe 1 disc could be faulty from 6 brand new HDDs, possibly 2 however; RAIDXpert2, but not any Windows programs, says all 6 of the drives are unusable

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          I have subsequently attempted to perform a RAID 1 create on 2 drives:

          DISK 0 0

          DISK 0 1

          and after only 0.862% progress the create fails

          The Events leading up to the failure are:

          2017 05 28 - RAIDXpert2 even log for 2 disc RAID 1 create failure.JPG

          I have used the Seagate Tools and run a full erase whole surface on each of the 6 drives and they all passed 100% without error.


          The results so far show:

          1) Using CHKDSK /r the whole of each disc has been read

          2) Using Seatools Disc Erase shows the discs can be written to 100%

          Conclusion there is nothing wrong with the physical hardware


          This then leaves 2 scenarios for where the problem could reside:

          1) there is a problem with turning on RAID mode on the AMD board

          2) There is a problem with the RAIDXpert2 software

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              Are you still having issues?

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                  Well yes and no is the honest answer


                  If I remove everything from the system except:

                  2 x Samsung 960 Pro 512GB M2 drives (Drive C: as mirrored drives)

                  1 x MSI AMD Radeon RX 470 in Slot 2 x 16

                  6 x 4TB Seagate HDD in 12TB RAID10 configuration

                  then all appears to work fine however; it has taken 2 days for the CREATE function to get 11% complete (surely this is unbelievably slow as the PC is doing nothing but the CREATE - when I did a low level format - writing zeros to every block it only took hours to format all the drives)
                  [Update] 3 days later it is now at 32% on 30/06/2017 14:53



                  If I add in either the Highpoint Rocket 640L PCIe 2.0 x 4 RAID capable addin card or the StarTech.com PEXSATA22I PCIe 2.0 x 2 SATA add-in card then the CREATE fails within a few minutes


                  That said the first time I attempted to CREATE a RAID10 system using EUFI (BIOS) rather than RAIDXpert2 the CREATE (but with both add-in cards active) it reached around 45% before it fell apart with crazy block errors


                  So in summary:

                  Using ONLY SATA connections on the motherboard all SEEMS (have yet to reach 100% complete) OK
                  Using ANY add-in cards to expand the SATA ports stops the CREATE completing


                  It looks to me like there is a problem with interrupts across the PCIe channels i.e. any activity on the add-in cards (both of which I've had working for a number of years on a Gigabyte Intel motherboard without any form of error) seems to stop the AMD RAID function in it's tracks


                  I have to say, this is my first experience with AMD motherboards and I'm on the verge of just throwing it away and getting another Intel board as I've never had this sort of fundamental problems with Intel's RAID implementation which is also far more flexible