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    "No AMD graphics driver is installed" G500 Notebook Win 10 HD8570M)


      I searched and looked at various topics from users having the same issue, but no solution found. I have a Lenovo G500 notebook with Windows 10 64bit installed and since I updated my AMD drivers (or Windows did, since I saw it installing something like that) (for RadeonHD8570M) I get the "No AMD graphics driver is installed" error message and I can't use the dual graphics system. I can't even open up the AMD Settings. I tried uninstalling the AMD Drivers with the AMD Cleanup Utility, DDU, removing and reinstalling the Intel GPU drivers, trying out different versions of AMD drivers, Avast turned off, but the result was either the same, or my notebook froze after logging in to Windows.


      Here are the driver versions I tried:

      17.5.2 - No AMD graphics driver is installed

      17.4.3 - No AMD graphics driver is installed

      16.12.1 - Freeze


      I mostly use my notebook for work, but occasionally I like to play games on it as well. If anyone can help me solve this issue, I'd be glad. It worked perfectly for years now (unless a Windows Update replaced my AMD drivers despite I have the option turned off in System settings - then a simple AMD reinstall solved it), but I don't know what can be the cause of the issue: the newest AMD drivers or a new Windows update that was forced upon me (I don't have the Creators update installed yet)?