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Pixel Format Menu Is Missing on HD 6450 and R9 290 Systems

Question asked by mephistonl on May 29, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2017 by amdmatt


I used to be able to set the pixel format (RBG 4:4:4 , YCbCr) through the Catalyst Control settings. However, this entire part of AMD software is gone? I now only have Radeon Settings which does not have this option?

I am not sure if this is caused because of a new driver or the Windowns 10 creators update.

I have 2 systems

- HD 6450 over HDMI to TV PanasonicGT60 (HTPC)

- R290 also over HDMI to TV PanasonicGT60 or (never simular) DVI to monitor Samsung Syncmaster (Gaming)

Both have the lastest drivers available and windows 10 (pro) fully updated.


On my Tv it now suddenly shows that the signal is YCbCr. This was never the case because I used RBG 4:4:4.
I can now clearly see the picture is just not right, the colors seem sh#t. I am no expert but the picture is just off...


Has this pixel format option been moved? Where can I corrrect this?




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