Visiontek HD 7850 blacks out when activating Display Driver - Very upset- (solved hopefully)

Discussion created by elstaci on May 28, 2017

For the last 2 weeks, ever since I reinstalled and replaced one of four bad Memory Modules, I have been getting black screens as soon as the display driver is activated. No matter which version of AMD software I installed, the same symptom happened. As soon as the computer booted up and the display driver activated, I will get a black screen. Before, even with the bad memory module causing BSOD's several times a day, The display driver will work until I updated to versions made to be compatible with Windows Creator's version. Those made after 4-11-17.   The only way I can have access to my computer is going on safe mode and uninstalling the AMD software and using the MS basic Graphic's adapter. I was sure my HD 7850 went bad because of the latest drivers. I read that if the video card is underclocked it will start working again. Unfortunately, I couldn't find anything that can change the Video cards setting unless the Display Driver was working. I used OCCT to check and test my PSU and all voltages were within specs. I was so upset that I went and spent $400.00 on a new GTX 1070 Nvidea Video card to replace the AMD I was using that was worthless since I couldn't get the black screens problem resolved. The card will arrive sometime this week from Newegg.com. While waiting for the new Nvidea Video card to come I decided to download from Visiontek their own AMD software. I ran it and it was from a 8-6-15 display driver using the old Catalyst version of software not the new Radeon software. I installed it, but again the screen went black. So I left it running while I went to a store to purchase some computer case screws. When I got back, My monitor had no signal and I couldn't restart it without first unplugging the computer. It booted up using MS basic Graphic adapter again. I went to Device Manager and automatically updated the Display adapter. It installed the 8-6-15 Display driver (the one from Visiontek) and shockingly it worked this time. Like before, none of the Radeon software was installed after rebooting the computer. I then ran the Radeon software and it installed the complete software and Display driver again. Restarted without any problems. Reinstalled the 4-10-17 Radeon Software on top of the old Radeon software without uninstalling the older version. It installed smoothly without any problems. Restarted and booted up normally. By the way, I had my Mcafee Real time scanner turned off the entire time like I was doing in the past when installing Radeon Software. I am not a happy camper since I had to shell out so much money on a better Video card. I didn't want to take any more chances on buying any more AMD video cards that AMD software engineers screw up royally trying to fix every glitch in every game that comes out, ruining it for those who don't use their computers for gaming. What I believe happened, was the latest AMD driver changed some physical setting on the HD 7850 that caused it to crash as soon as the Display driver was installed and activated. by allowing the Visiontek Radeon software to completely install even after the black screen occurred, It must have put the Visiontek HD 7850 back to default settings allowing the Display driver to work again. When I get my new Nvidea Card I am planning to keep this one as a back up in case I have any problems with the new card. I will still be an AMD customer as far as purchasing CPU's. They are great for the price. Also, I believe that AMD makes very high quality hardware concerning video cards. But when it comes to drivers, in my opinion, all of AMD software engineers need to go back to school and learn about how to make drivers work on several AMD video cards and make sure the parameters of the driver wouldn't cause the card to crash when the new drivers are activated. I suggest that AMD design a diagnostic software that will have access to the AMD Graphic's card even if the drivers are not installed. That way, a person can use the software to put the card back to factory default hopefully making the Radeon software work again. If it wasn't for this extremely frustrating experience with my HD 7850, I still would be a AMD video card customer. I can understand if my video card went bad or some other component of the computer went bad causing the display problems, but when it is due to extremely lousy drivers causing the problems. I rather try someone else's product with better Tech support for their products. I like to give thanks to all the moderators of this forum for their professionalism in trying to solve everyone's problems. By the way, Kingfisher, when you had your Fire Marshall Bill avatar you had better bedside manners. But I can understand retorting to some nasty uncalled for comments from frustrated AMD users in the forum. I got to admit, some of your zingers were quite hilarious and though, the person getting the zinger, probably felt highly insulted by it.  


Computer Spec:

AMD FX 8350 - 8 core 4 ghz

AMD Visiontek HD 7850 Video card

ACER HD Monitor connected via HDMI from Onkyo Receiver and SAMSUNG Smart TV connected via MiniDisplay to HDMI adapter

Corsair 16 gbyte DDR3 RAM 1600

Corsair 850 Gold PSU

Asus Sabertooth 990FX Gen 2.0 MOBO

Windows 10 Pro - Creator Version 1703