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    Automatically Detect Your Driver isn't clear


      For the information of any AMD employees here, when I download a program to Automatically Detect and Install Your Driver, I expect it to actually detect my driver and tell me if it is the most recent. At the least, the link to Check for driver updates in the Catalyst Control Center should be replaced with something with the functionality of the Check for updates now... button in the Software Update page.


      I got to a download page to check for the latest driver for a used computer I just bought:


      I clicked on and installed the Automatically Detect and Install Your Driver download (https://www2.ati.com/drivers/installer/17.10/beta/radeon-crimson-relive-17.5.2-minimalsetup-170518_web.exe) and rebooted as instructed.


      The only program I could find installed was the AMD Catalyst Control Center, so I opened that and it defaulted to the AMD Home item, which had as its first option, Check for driver updates, which took me back to the exact same page I started on.


      After some searching in the AMD Catalyst Control Center, I discovered the Software Update page under the Information sub-menu, which had a Check for updates now... button, and was able to determine I already had the latest driver.


      I have an AMD Radeon HD 6450, running on a Desktop system using Windows Pro 10 64bit. The Software Information table lists the Driver Packaging Version as 15.20.1062.1004 with Catalyst Version 15.7.1.  Graphics card is attached to an HP Pavilion F1903 (running as a Generic PnP monitor) via Digital DVI, with 1280x1024 @75Hz.  Motherboard is a Dell 0D28YY with an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz and 8GB RAM, not that you really needed to know all that to fix the auto updating issue.

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          I'm going to guess that maybe it's because the 6450 series is a legacy card.Capture.PNG

          If you go to the download page and use manually select drivers as filled in in the screenshot above based on your information provided it should get you to the ones your looking for.

          15.7.1 was the last driver update, But there is a 16.2.1 Crimson Beta that was released last year.



          Not sure if this is what your looking for but thought I would try and help you out.

          Good luck !