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    Colours reset when launching game, restore on changing virtual super resolution


      Hello all, hope you're doing well!


      So I've been having some issues with color warmth. Specifically, my monitor is very cold; when I turn on VSR (Virtual Super Resolution, for anyone who doesn't know) my color sets itself nice and vibrant and cozy. Now I can't quite work out if this is residual from when I first installed the card (I used VGA first and turned up color warmth on my display 1 then, and ever since it's been this vibrant colour) or whether it's from Windows color calibration (I find that my gamma is by default too high, and turning it down in the windows guide helps somewhat.)


      I think it's the first one; the setups I did initially were intensely noticeable over my old build, warm, bright, vibrant. Sexy. I don't think simply turning down the gamma in Windows is doing all that.


      So; when I set up the PC I was using VGA. Since then I returned to my normal setup, over HDMI. This was fine for quite a while, but recently, launching games resets this color warmth to the old, default cold overbright colors I had with my previous card. The thing is, turning VSR on/off (depending on whatever it's on at the time) fixes this - but only until next I run a game. Then it's back to the coldness. I've also noticed that AMD settings is being very, very moody with me, crashing while running a game and often taking the game with it. I do occasionally get the Radeon WattMan settings reset notification in Windows, and I do have an thousand issues with ASUS GPU Tweak II, including crashes, not storing settings, making its own settings, absolutely HATING GTAV, and more.




      I've tried everything I can think of to fix this bar a full reimage, the bane of my existence. I've used DDU several times, reinstalling ASUS's drivers, then again trying AMD's drivers, then again trying Windows drivers before upgrading to AMD's.

      As I'm sure you can appreciate, this is getting very annoying - especially as my card is overheating without GPU Tweak II running (***, why is this now a thing?!) and the same program just refusing to work with GTAV, and the color problems, and more.
      I've done all I can with my monitor's warmth and colors, but it's most definitely not the same thing and very underwhelming.


      I'm running:
      STRIX R9 380 4GB OC edition
      Intel i5 3470 3.2-2.6GHz




      Hopefully, someone out there can help me out! Thank you heaps in advance and have a great day

      (P.S. - Please dispose of any identifying information securely. Thanks!!)