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What is tbaseprovisioning.exe? It is part of AMD software (or what it is)? It is safe? It is malware? It is necessry?

Question asked by thafun on May 29, 2017

What exactly is tbaseprovisioning.exe?

Many search results on google but finally what is that?

It is part of AMD software (or what it is)?

What is its role?

What "provisioning"?

What exactly does it do?

What does it serve?

It is safe?

It is malware?

It is necessary?

Must keep it?

Can i remove it?


It is anyone to know the answers?


CPU AMD Quad-Core A10-8700P APU with Radeon R6 Graphics

OS Windows 10 x64

Location C:\Windows\SysWOW64\tbaseprovisioning.exe (copyright: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc)


In the past AMD support answered (thanks to AMD, but that is not enough for me)

"Thank you for your Email

I understand that you have query regarding tbaseprovisioning. Exe located in your C drivers.

What is tbaseprovisioning. exe?

tbaseprovisioning. exe is part of a product called known as tbaseprovisioning and it is developed by Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. .

Are you observing any issue with this exe file on your HP laptop? If you are not observing issue, you may simple ignore this tbaseprovisioning. Exe.

Thank you for contacting AMD!"


Me finally after thinking and after I noticed that she consumed processing power and delayed the computer's startup I did stop processing and delete the files "tbaseprovisioning.exe" and "tbaseprovisioning.exe.config", after that my laptop seems to work well and without any problem!