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7730m + 7660g disabled by windows because they reported problems (code 43)

Question asked by zjwflippers on May 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by zjwflippers

Been using windows 8 since it came out, one day after a restart I got a message saying no AMD drivers were detected. Tried using DDU and reinstalling drivers to no avail. Decided to go back to Windows 7 64 Pro, only to run into the same exact issue. Tried the legacy drivers, the crimson suite, drivers from HP's site, everything with uninstall by DDU inbetween. Still keep seeing them as disabled because they reported problems and then in parenthesis 'code 43'. Running Windows 7 64bit Professional Service Pack 1, everything is up to date. Haven't even bothered installing any antivirus yet since I want to get this resolved first, so I know it cant be antivirus that is interfering.