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Am I capable of setting up crossfire?

Question asked by goodluckwinnow on May 28, 2017
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by goodplay

Hey Guys,


I am running windows 10 64 bit. i7 processor, 16gb ram.


My motherboard is a H97 pro gamer.


H97-PRO GAMER | Motherboards | ASUS Global


My primary graphics card is a Radeon sapphire toxic 270x connected to the PCI Express port 3.0 x16.


SAPPHIRE Technology


My secondary card is also a toxic 270x connected to the PCI Express port 2.0 x2


Both cards are installed with no errors.


I have the cards connected through the crossfire bridge.


The latest crimson software is installed 17.5.2.


There is no option for crossfire in the radeon settings software.

The additional settings also have no crossfire preset.


Gpu-z shows Crossfire as disabled


I am assuming that I either need to install the crossfire executable additional settings (which I can't figure out how to do)

Or somehow my setup is not capable of crossfire which would be a bit heartbreaking to be honest.

My motherboard says it is compatible with crossfire but I think I read somewhere that the PCI 2. x2 might be an issue.


Can someone please advise me regarding this issue? I would appreciate all/any help.


Thanks Alot